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Earn Money with

Our Affiliate Program

Do you want to earn some cash without leaving your

house using our modern virtual technology?

No need to build your own data processing management

system, provide any technical support, or have to manage

the servers.

01. Register in Partner Program

All you need is to register in a partner program and put a partner link at your website, in your blog or at your social network page and begin to earn money.

02. Earn Money by Referrals

In case of click on your partner link the visitor will get cookie in their browser for a period of one year and now the user is your referral. If the user becomes our client during the time period, you will begin to receive percent from their payments for our services.

03. Check Statistics

Partner link click-through rates, registrations and payment statistics is available on-line through the control panel.

04. Withdraw Your Money

Money can be withdrawn through PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, PayPal, PAYTM, Skrill and Bank transfers. Minimal amount that can be withdrawn is $10.

Two Levels of Participation

in the Affiliate Program

There are two levels of participation which are Basic & Premium

Basic Level

Basic Level of the Partner Program is available on default for all our customers.

  You get 10% from expenses for services  from every customer attracted by you.

Premium Level

This offer is for WebMasters, Youtubers, Bloggers, Live Streamers or website owners who want to earn money with us.
You will get Premium Level in exchange for promoting about our service (articles and descriptions) or our logo (banner) hosting at your property.

  You get 10% from expenses for services  from every customer attracted by you.
  25% discount to all 99RDP services.
  Webmasters will gets server under Master plan as a bonus.

To participate in the partner program at premium level, please send a

request to the technical support.

If the number of customers with active services attracted by you does

not increase during 3 months, the partner level is decreased

automatically to basic regardless of the number of customers and the

following increase of the status is possible not less than in 3 months.

Register Account

Activate Affiliate

Activate Premium Affiliate


Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQs as most of the queries are solved by reading FAQs.
What is RDP?

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. It is a protocol developed by Microsoft that allows a user to connect to a remote computer over a network and interact with its desktop as if they were sitting in front of it.

Do you provide a Trial/Demo On Your Plans?

Yes, we provide trial/demo on our shared plan and on private plans only. No trial/demo is available on any Dedicated Plan and Residential Plan. 

RDP vs. VPS: What's the difference?

They’re almost the same as long as RDP is a feature of a Windows VPS. The only difference is that RDP shares data with many clients, whilst VPS is a virtual private server.

For what purpose is RDP used?

1. Nowadays RDP is widely used around the world for bloggers, Encoders, Uploaders, Torrenters, YouTubers, and many more categories.

2. It is used for Uploading/Downloading software, Movies, Torrents Etc. also used for Encoding Videos for Fast Encoding.

3. If you’re a Website Developer, Website Designer, Freelancer, or Digital Marketer, then you need an RDP to get rid of Load Shedding/Power Loss and never lose your online work again and work in Powerful Systems. 

How to Connect RDP Through Desktop?

Here are the steps to connect RDP Through Desktop:

1. Window key +R, enter the command “mstsc”, and click on the OK button.
2. Enter the RDP IP Address, and click on connect.
3. Click on “Use another account”.
4. Type “username” & “password”, and click on OK Button.
5. You can checkmark” Remember my credentials”(optional) and click on the Ok button.
6. Checkmark on ” Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer”, and click on the “Yes” button.
7. Now you are connected.

What's your setup time for the servers, once the payment is confirmed?

Usually the RDP details are delivered within 15-30 mins of payment. However, in some cases, it may take 12-24 hours. 

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